• Former SIA winner BLITAB launches first-ever tactile tablet

    Today we are happy to share with our community that after thousands of sleepless nights and so much effort of our team, we can show you BLITAB Beta. BLITAB®’s CEO and Co-founder Kristina Tsvetanova comments: “Reaching this step was for our team a huge start-up challenge because we decided to do it without any equity investment and with the help of the community and many international awards we got during the last 10 months.” 

    Now, if you haven’t heard of it before, BLITAB® Technology developed the first-ever tactile tablet, using a new liquid-based technology to create tactile relief that produces Braille, graphics, maps for the blind and partially sighted. From the very start, blind and visually impaired users were involved in the product development because BLITAB® is fully designed according to their needs, not adapted as many assistive devices are. We called it BLITAB® – the iPad for the blind, and for the first time it will make possible for children and students with sight loss to finally have access to the latest technology and thus to learn and study more efficiently.
    Kristina2More than 2500 blind and visually impaired users have already supported BLITAB® Technology approach to Innovation – with specific focus on BLITAB tablet for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

    At Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2016 – Asia’s biggest mobile industry event – where thousands of visionary leaders and tech-savvy consumers will gather to experience a connected life, for the first time BLITAB Beta will be demonstrated and tested live. Do you remember the smart liquid bubbles? Yes, you can experience them under your fingers and not only. The mobile tablet can be tested and pre-sold. Its founders will be there onside and answer all your questions.

    BLITABAnd if so far BLITAB founders have not taken the chance to welcome investors on board, now they announce that the young innovative company is fundraising to set a production line for the first batches. BLITAB Technology with HQ in Vienna is an attractive investment opportunity not only because of BLITAB tablet with a quarter billion-dollar market potential, but also of the patented actuating technology that can be applied in various environments like body applications, consumer products, robotics.

    Finally, Slavi Slavev, Head of Technology Development at BLITAB said: “BLITAB Technology’s approach forms a basis of a new paradigm which will revolutionize the future of digital life-experience for blind and visually impaired people. We believe that BLITAB has the potential to transform Braille usage and delivery of tactile data at an affordable price and provide users with the needed tool for private and professional life.”

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