• Young people need a platform where they will feel safe when experimenting and failing – Edin Mehić

    In this Interview we´re talking with Edin Mehić, who brings a lot of knowledge in the field of Start-ups, Entrepreneurship and Recruiting.


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    He works as a serial entrepreneur, proven business executive, angel investor, mentor, active motivational speaker and co-founder of Networks. Networks is a business center and a co-working community in the heart of Sarajevo. Their various services are designed to inspire growth, innovations and business development.




    Dear Edin, what is the basic difference between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship?


    There should be no difference. Every enterprise should be social and this is the history of the development of corporations. The first corporations were made to serve the society/customers and not to abuse their ignorance or habits. On the other hand, all of the companies that I have started were always primarily socially useful and created value, and only in the second phase I was thinking about the business model.


    Are the young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina sufficiently educated about the concept of social entrepreneurship? 


    Similar to the previous answer. I’m afraid that people generally know very little about entrepreneurship, but if we broaden their vision of it and we change the image of entrepreneurs, it will help with getting significantly more people involved.


    How programs like Social Impact Award and what Networks does can empower students and young people to start their own social businesses? 


    Young people need a platform where they will feel safe when experimenting and failing. For me these are the two most important ingredients of new business models, innovations and ultimately successful businesses. We are not a community that has a reasonable tolerance for experimentation, networking, sharing of knowledge and resources. Because of all that it is extremely important to have initiatives that promote inclusion, solutions and taking control. Entrepreneurship not only enhances the economic development of the individual, but also creates a society of independent individuals who can ultimately create greater social change.


    Does the future of the world economy lies in this type of entrepreneurship?


    An entrepreneur in the future will not be able to choose whether to be good or not, he/she will simply have to be. I am glad that more and more traditional companies are changing their business models in order for them to be more socially responsible. I hope that we will experience the life in a society where all companies are socially responsible. These initiatives help secure this goal.


    Thanks for this interesting talk! 

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