• „ Times when employers were ready to teach the youth about their work have passed!“

    In all ten countries, where Social Impact Award is active, it is strongly embedded in the university sector. We directly connect with students but also professors and university staff play a crucial role in developing ecosystems around social entrepreneurship. Today we talk with Prof. Dr. Jelene Žugić from the Mediterranian University Montenegro about how teaching must change to engage students and why Social Impact Award is a great opportunity for students.

    An expert for international marketing and management, brand management and global marketing, a professor at the Faculty of Business Studies and a vice dean in charge of lecturing, finances and international cooperation, prof.  Jelena Žugić is at the same time one of the strictest and most loved professors. Through her academic career and extensive experience in journalism and banking she learned to be persistent. That’s what she is trying to teach her students.

    You are recognized as one of professors who are always ready to talk with their students. How often do they consult you about business or innovation ideas?

    Logo_Univerzitet_MediteranMy mission at the Faculty for Business Studies of Mediteran University is to offer to students not just theoretical knowledge, but to prepare them for real challenges they will face after the studies. Times when employers were ready to teach them about their work have passed. Now individual initiatives will be more valuable. Approach that my colleagues and me have has brought us to the point where students understand what we want to offer to them, so they actively participate, ask questions and share doubts they have about the realization of their ideas. We, as a society, are still not ready to support people with ideas, but I strongly believe that will change.

    Can you identify main obstacles on the way of transforming ideas to businesses in reality?

    The money is a significant, but often not the biggest obstacle on that way. There is an increase of the chances for finding start-up capital, both in Montenegro and worldwide. Bigger problems are fear of failure and lack of students’ persistence. Of course, it would be significantly easier if they had a support from the state at the beginning.

    How do you motivate your students?

    Through the examples, which are still more present abroad than in Montenegro.

    What would be your message for our students and future entrepreneurs?

    To use each and every opportunity they can get, without fear of failure. Social Impact Award is a great example of the opportunity. They have nothing to lose. Even if they fail, they are young and major failures are unlikely. Therefore, be brave and let’s change our society together.

    Thank you very much for your time, Prof. Žugić!

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