• “Legs don’t feel tired when the heart knows what it is beating for” – The Kind Transporter

    Aleksa Živković is a winner of Social Impact Award 2015 in Serbia, with an enormous passion for helping people in his local community. The Kind Transporter (formerly known as Youth for Elders), a social business he runs, is more than just a bike courier service: they deliver groceries, fast food, pay bills, deliver money, deliver construction materials and move furniture. They don’t pollute air, as everything is done by bike, they help elderly people (all services are free of charge for residents older than 70) and create programs for youth. 


    It all started in 2011 when Aleksa decided he wanted to do something during summerDSC_0784 after high school, before leaving to live in Malta. He bought a SIM card for 2€, opened a Facebook page and offered his bike courier services in his hometown Pirot. After plans for leaving the country changed, Aleksa decided to develop this idea further. He established an NGO Leka in 2013, and that’s when more funding opportunities came. He established cooperation with the Red Cross Pirot, and got donations from several institutions and companies.


    After that, Aleksa decided it was time to add another service 11703405_10153333085776832_3185570962253967828_oto his business and applied for Social Impact Award. The idea was to build a rickshaw and offer sightseeing tours, while providing free transportation to doctor’s appointments for citizens older than 70 years of age. He won the SIA award and is currently building a rickshaw together with two experienced mechanical engineers. He has recieved a lot of support and media attention, and was even a part of Coca-cola’s #ShareTheGood campaign.

    His favorite part of the Social Impact Award experience was the SIA Vision Summit. “It was a rare opportunity to talk with young people about tackling some problems of 21st century that many people refuse to acknowledge. Not only talking, but tackling”.

    Aleksa has no problem talking about the failures he experienced on the way, but keeps figuring out new ways to increase his revenue and create a bigger impact. The Kind Transporter has, in the past 4 years, provided more than 500 free services and involved 8 volunteers. They currently have 7 service users.

    Goals for the future include having 5 couriers before expanding to Belgrade, and 50 service users.  With 5 couriers they will be able to introduce a new service: distribution of locally produced food – milk, cheese, vegetables and fruits. This way they will not only reduce CO2 emission for food transport, but also promote local farmers and their products.

    And even though Aleksa works about 14 hours a day he says that “legs don’t feel tired when the heart knows what it is beating for”.

    We could not agree more.  



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