• First mover in Bosnia and Herzegovina – global supply on ecological woodwork by MS&Wood

    Trees are one of the most vital natural resources in the world, with tremendous benefits for supporting life. It has an irreplaceable role in the world ecology, as forests are nature’s lungs. There is not a species on the planet that does not owe its existence to trees.

    People have benefited from forests for thousands of years, utilizing this amazing resource for shelter, fuel, tools and even medicine, with more than 25% of all medicines used originating from rainforests. Wood is a natural, living material, which has both strength and elasticity. A tree’s species, origin and growth determine it’s technical capabilities. In the hands of an experienced master-craftsman, wood’s practical capability and aesthetic beauty is revealed.

    Latest research has shown immense health benefits to people who utilize natural wood furniture. There are indications that wood has curative properties and help with the recovery from illness, compared with those who live surrounded by synthetic materials. Only 1% of forests has been studied for medical properties, and yet every second we are losing a football-pitch size of this amazing resource.

    It is paramount that we all work towards sustaining this natural resource and ensure that future generations enjoy its vast benefits.

    The company MS & WOOD today supplies its products to Sweden’s IKEA and the example of furniture a high degree of added value. Its director Muhamed Pilav believes that the key to market success can be achieved by the quality of the product and that without it is not possible to go out into the world market.

    MS & WOOD is in metallurgy redirected to wood processing. Its http://img.archiexpo.com/images_ae/photo-g/149987-9640983.jpgproducts and furniture is present on all continents, and nearly 99% of production is exported to Japan, European and American market. Orientation is on production for export, because without rapid growth of production of goods and services for export, the recovery, which is considered Pilaf and vice president of the Association of the wood industry in BiH. Currently our neighbors give companies the empty halls free to use, and to purchase equipment grant in the amount of 50 – 60% of investment.

    Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 2015 under favorable conditions lend to the real sector of about two billion marks. Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania intensely provide grants and tax credits real sector. Germany subsidizes exporters costs of transport, energy, interest, and so on. Can we follow the competition from these countries, concludes Pilav.

    Masters and Wood (MS&WOOD) is a furniture manufacturer specializing in solid wood furniture, constructed out of a variety of species such as beech, ash, oak, and walnut.

    MS&WOOD prides itself on its environmental and ecological credentials with its Chain of Custody certificate from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). MS&WOOD’s manufacturing capability encompasses the entire production process from raw lumber processing, both traditional and modern machining capabilities to finishing, packaging and export. The capacity of MS&WOOD is vast with the ability to produce 500,000 chairs and 100,000 tables each year, with an aim of reaching an annual production of over 1 million units by 2020. A high profile partnership with the world-renowned company IKEA is a testament to MS&WOOD’s manufacturing capability and level of professionalism. This is further supported by the fact that MS&WOOD is the exclusive manufacturer for certain products for the IKEA range. MS&WOOD exports to every continent reaching over 40 countries worldwide.

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