• “When you fail, fail quickly, understand why you failed, learn, change and move on.”


    In this interview SIA Greece was talking with its this year´s jury member Efthymios Nikolopoulos. He shared his impressions of the Social Impact Award as well as his inspiring ideas on Entrepreneurship and how to effectively learn out of failure.


    Efthymios, what is the greatest thing about Social Impact Award -as a competition/institution- in your point of view?

    The passion of the organizing committee, the international expertise in the area of social entrepreneurship and the focus on Innovation, Impact and Feasibility.

    What are your main remarks (positive, or even negative) after interacting with the participants and hearing them pitch their ideas during our “Meet the Jury” warm-up event?

    I was impressed by the ideas but even more by the passion of the participants!!! It is really encouraging to see so many capable young people working hard to implement ideas which will have a social impact!!

    Please share three essential tips for all SIA participants!

    Try to change the world! Just do it! Do something that you like and do not forget to have fun Work hard!

    P.S. You are already passionate so you do not need an extra tip for that. 😉

    Can you please share a personal (professional) failure from which you have learned from? In what way has this failure eventually helped you in your (professional/personal) growth?

    I have failed so many times in my life that I could tell stories for hours. From rejected applications to universities, Startups which never reached their potential (another phrase for just…failed), to wrong decisions in various areas of my life. The critical element however is to learn from both your mistakes and failures. What is sure is that sometimes in your life you will fail. However, when you fail, fail quickly, understand why you failed, learn, change and move on. Thus, you actually never fail, you either succeed or learn!

    If you could send a letter to your 22 year-old self today, what piece of advice would you give yourself?

    Hmmm… That’s not easy… Probably:

    • Stop thinking what the rest will say/think!
    • Never, never, never give up! Only you know what you can achieve if you work hard!
    • Don’t be afraid to identify your weaknesses. It is better to work on them rather than just try to ignore them!
    • Appreciate and take care of those who love you
    • Enjoy every minute of your life!

    Thank you so much for your time!

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