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    Pakomak is a non-profit company, founded in 2010, whose main activity is management of packaging waste. According to the new Law on management of packaging and packaging waste, since January 10, 2011 Pakomak is the first company in Macedonia, licensed by the Ministry of environment for selection and processing of packaging waste.  

    The company’s goal is to build a long-lasting and solid cooperation with its customers and the Government. In total, eleven leading manufacturing companies in Macedonia are founders of the company.  In accordance with European regulations, minimizing the negative impact of packaging waste on the environment, promoting a responsible attitude towards the companies packaging waste are the main goals.

    picture1Pakomak is open to include all companies that have an obligation to manage their packaging waste and are aware of their social responsibility to provide a healthier environment. As a part of Pakomak, new member-companies have equal treatment as the founding companies.
    Since May 20th, 2011 Pakomak is the 34th national non-profit company that joins the international network of packaging waste management Pro Europe, and thus receives the license to use the symbol “Green Dot”. Green Dot is a financial symbol, which signifies that for the packaging that has this symbol a fee has been paid for handling the waste after its use. Additionally Pakomak is also active member of EXPRA international network of packaging waste management companies.

    Sustainability through social responsability

    picture4Pakomak is managing the packaging waste with the aim to minimize the negative impact of packaging waste on the environment and to promote more social responsibility for the companies toward packaging waste. In the system of Pakomak as members, there are a huge number of domestic and international companies, manufacturers and importers, who by selling of their products generate packaging waste.

    picture2Pakomak leaves moreover an impression of positive and socially responsible changes in the society. Social responsibility for Pakomak is business imperative. As a successful and modern company Pakomak has plans to impact on their customers, members and partners, the environment and the whole society, regarding social responsibility. Pakomak in social responsibility is looking as a strategic long-term goal, which is the ultimate goal of improving the overall quality of life in the environment, which is the main goal of the company.



    Increasing public awareness, Investment in infrastructures, Support in humanitarian projects

    Pakomak on the one hand continuously strives to invest in improving education and raising public awareness among the population regarding the benefits of recycling, and the other hand Pakomak continuously is investing in infrastructure for the collection of packaging waste with the ultimate aim of protecting the environment. It also supports humanitarian projects and develops a sense of solidarity and philanthropy in collaboration with the community.picture6

    As a company with the aim to raise general environmental awareness among citizens, especially the need for separate collection of packaging waste and its recycling, Pakomak´s goal is to connect the entire chain of successful waste collection, with high benefits for: nature, citizens and the whole country.


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