• Prevent Group – An example how shared value is created in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    In times of changing business models, in which social shared value plays a more important role, Prevent Group is a good example how to persist as one of the largest private sector companies in Bosnia and leading automotive suppliers in Europe while supporting social needs.

    The Prevent Group strives to be a valued corporate citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are highly committed to creating shared value (CSV) and believe that companies are expected to invest in societies and build better local communities.

    In order to create this shared value they invest in business development, education, philanthropy and environmental sustainability. Supporting 1393 scholars of Hastor Foundations in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, they give chance for education to youth in rural areas and those in need. They support them all the way through their studies in order to help them achieve their goals. At the end of that road, they become experts and contribute to further development of education system, economy, politics, and laws and so on.

    Prevent Group introduced its manufacturing operations in 1999 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Group commenced in Visoko with a production of seat covers. The Group’s manufacturing system follows the just-in-time model, which requires continuous and strictly synchronized delivery of parts to minimize inventory and optimize speed and quality of production.

    This applies to Prevent’s own products and to the delivery of parts to the Group’s customers. With a proven and successful commitment to the economic and social development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and an enviable record of success in production, Prevent is a model of best practice and a magnet for foreign investment.

    Prevent maintains the highest standard of social responsibly throughout its operations. It is committed to transparency and follows a zero-tolerance approach to corruption.

    The Prevent group is actively committed to maintain absolute respect for human rights across the whole spectrum of its employment policies, production operations and corporate citizenship initiatives. Prevent is actively engaged in developing new techniques and new technology to prevent any environmental damage arising from its production operations.

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