• “There will be failures , but you should never stop trying. Measure your success with how fast you can get up after falling and failing.”


    In addition for teaching at School of Economics and Business at the University of Sarajevo, she teaches at universities in Austria, Slovenia and Norway. Her doctorate in the field of sales and sales management, was honored for excellence in research and applicative sense of the prestigious Institute of market oriented management, the University of Mannheim. She has published numerous papers in international publications (Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research), and she is actively engaged in consulting local and international companies with a focus on the Region.

    Here is the interview with Selma Kadic – Maglajlić, assistant professor of the School of Economics and Business at the University of Sarajevo and a member of the jury for Social Impact Award in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


    Since you are in daily contact with the students, can you tell us if our students, and young people in general are willing and do they have any sense of business and innovation?

    „Generation Z“  slowly but surely occupies student benches, „chatting“ and „liking“  is for them a part of daily routine, a generation that uses Google, listens to lectures, but at the same time seeks confirmation of  the allegations  on social networks or Google, which does not fear of authority… they are, whatever we think about it, the most educated and most sophisticated generation ever… therefore, it is quite normal for them to have a multitude of incredible innovative ideas and almost innate sense for business.


    What are the most common obstacles that fetter them in this way?

    What is the problem and what fetter entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Z in Bosnia and Herzegovina, among other things, is the backlog of socialism, people are assured that the best job is in the state-owned companies and permanent job are  the ultimate goal of employment, it is impossible to succeed in business, it is impossible to succeed in BiH… I would say that the obstacles are also a psychological nature, confidence in themselves, lack of motivation, giving up too easily after the first obstacles.


    How to motivate students to do something new?

    Knowledge. As young people know more, obstacles stops to be obstacles and becomes challenges, and they certainly can be overcome. I try to encourage them to think “outside the box”, always tend to perform better, raising the bar higher. In teaching, I use more practical examples, like stories of Apple, Uber, Dropbox or Airbnb’s as good examples and sometimes good to repeat, but our students need and BH. examples too. Therefore, I use as many local examples of good practice, I urge young people who have done business in BiH to participate at lectures, in the belief that it could motivate students and to make them believe that much more can be done in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


    What would you say to our students and potential entrepreneurs?

    To always go forward. There will be failures , but you should never stop trying. Measure your success with how fast you can get up after falling and failing.


    Dear Selma, thank you so much for your time!


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