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    Montenegro – as one of our smallest and newest SIA countries – is getting more and more sensitive in the sphere of Social Business as markets change. The international travel industry i.e. shows a rise in social inclusions of regional projects. Enterprises connect with regional organizations to create “green” awareness, just like TourViaMe does. 


    Like every good travel company in the world, Tour Via Me wants to foster responsible and sustainable travel. Foundations like Planeterra.org and Intrepid Foundation are leading the change as they create new opportunities through social enterprise in travel all around the world: from supporting Peru Women’s Weaving Co-op, to giving jobs to street children in New Delhi, India. They aim to follow their example and help in developing travel social enterprises in Montenegro. “Together with SIA and other social entrepreneurship programs we are here to help, and we will always be more than happy to mentor you and help in bringing positive change to the community. “ says Bojan Ćinćur, one of the founders of Tour Via Me which is recognized as one of the first startups in Montenegro.

    Tour Via Me is a curated online marketplace for escorted tours. They sell escorted tours created and conducted by the world’s top notch tour operators through innovative UX design. They aggregate the best tours on the market, collect all relevant data about those tours, and present information in a simple and visually appealing way. Tour Via Me’s mission is to become a one-stop shop for group guided tours. They want the majority of the best group guided tours in the world to be found and bought on a single website, and to be the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they start thinking about finding and booking a tour.

    The guided tours market (multi-day guided group) is a 36 billion dollar market which is highly under-served in the online world. It has no good aggregators, or a marketplace that will help travelers in their quest to find their next tour. This market existed since the 1950’s and has been growing steadily over the years.

    At the moment, travelers are forced to search for these tours using Google and other search engines, only to find hundreds of tours scattered across many different websites (tour operators and smaller agencies) each of them providing a very different user experience, information density and service level. This makes the entire process very confusing and demanding time-wise, as people need to research every option not knowing if it will suit them and their needs.


    Tour Via Me organizes and structures all tour information so that consuming this information is very easy and fast. As a result, they have a unique data system that enables them to build the most advanced searching capabilities and to create the richest comparison engine in the tour industry. In addition, this allows them to implement sophisticated personal suggestion engine and additional user-oriented features. Coupled with reliable reviews, interactive map and rich media content, this allows users to easily find exactly what they are looking for and make an informed decision before booking their perfect tour.

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