• Once people start to think about ideas on how to improve their lives in a creative way and also have an impact in the communities, many great initiatives were put in place

    In this Interview we are talking with Loredana Urzica, the founder of Youth HUB in Bucharest, Romania. She believes that young people should have a proper environment to achieve their full potential, therefore all her work is concentrated on developing new projects and programs in order to empower the young generation.

    Dear Loredana, why did Youth HUB join SIA?


    Loredana UrzicaYouth HUB is a social enterprise in itself, designed to help young people start their our business and create jobs. We do that by offering space for working, by offering support, knowledge and consultancy in various fields such as business modelling, financial, juridical, marketing, funding etc. The reason we joined SIA 2016 is because we find it to be the kind of project which helps us fulfill our mission of promoting entrepreneurship as a method of solving current problems in our life and also as a way of empowering the young generation to be active. We also are very interested to promote social entrepreneurship among young people, as it is a new concept and not so many are familiar with the concept.


    What is the value your organization feels that SIA is bringing to Romania?

    One of our core values is the belief that young people can make a difference in our society and have a positive impact. This is also something that Social Impact Award is promoting as an important part of the activities and it is one of the few complex projects that are organized in Romania in the field of social entrepreneurship.

    What is your role and what do you offer?

    Youth HUB is the Incubation Partner and our role in the project was to host the meetings of the organizing team and also workshops on business modelling. We were happy to welcome the finalists in our co-working space during the incubation period and offer access to our facilities and knowledge.

    How do you see the future of social innovation in Eastern Europe?

    Eastern European countries have acknowledged the concepts of social innovation and social entrepreneurship much later than the western countries. But once people start to think about ideas on how to improve their lives in a creative way and also have an impact in the communities, many great initiatives were put in place. We see thinkers and doers that come together for a higher purpose which is related to solving the needs and the problems they are facing. We already have started to have good practices and examples of social business that have saved communities and created a spirit of proactivity.


    Thanks for this interesting talk!

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