• The last two years of SIA: An impact assessment

    Excerpts from the Impact Survey conducted by WU Wien on the last two years of running SIA.

  • Successful Business creating a Better Life for Others

    How to make the world a better place for some 285 million people? Take a display of small physical bubbles forming Braille alphabet, add to it a so-called Perkins keyboard, which is a keyboard specially designed for typing Braille. Stir innovative technology and and accessible design into the mix, and voila: You have the invented first tactile tablet-computer for blind and visually impaired people.

  • Branko the Bodyguard

    Branko is a good example of the many migrants who lie in the grey area between involuntary refugee and an economic opportunist. He and his second wife are both native Serbians who now reside in Austria, where they struggle to find work without having the required permits. He is not, strictly speaking, a refugee from war or political repression, but his reasons for leaving his homeland are no less valid and existential – yet they are unlikely to win him official asylum within the EU.