• “No matter your age or standing, there is potential to turn a passion or skill from your professional or social life into a social enterprise idea”

    Ana Filipovska is the General Secretary at the Country Coordinating Mechanism, a multi-sectorial body that includes institutions that have important roles in delivering key interventions and shaping policy and advocacy in public health. She is responsible for providing technical assistance to its committees, conducting trainings, and overseeing grants supported by the Global Fund. Filipovska also has experience in strengthening Macedonian communities by using social enterprises as resources for the mobilization […]

  • Pink bikes for every town! The Rekola bikes teaches people to love public space

      For some time now Prague has been flooded by pink bicycles thanks to Vitek Jezek and his bikesharing project called Rekola. The aim of the project is to revive and diversify public space and at the same time recycle old bicycles. For his project, Vitek has received several awards in local and international competitions and was also invited to Silicon Valley. Vítek Ježek is a passionate programmer whose dream […]

  • „ Times when employers were ready to teach the youth about their work have passed!“

    In all ten countries, where Social Impact Award is active, it is strongly embedded in the university sector. We directly connect with students but also professors and university staff play a crucial role in developing ecosystems around social entrepreneurship. Today we talk with Prof. Dr. Jelene Žugić from the Mediterranian University Montenegro about how teaching must change to engage students and why Social Impact Award is a great opportunity for […]

  • Former SIA winner BLITAB launches first-ever tactile tablet

    Today we are happy to share with our community that after thousands of sleepless nights and so much effort of our team, we can show you BLITAB Beta. BLITAB®’s CEO and Co-founder Kristina Tsvetanova comments: “Reaching this step was for our team a huge start-up challenge because we decided to do it without any equity investment and with the help of the community and many international awards we got during […]

  • “There will be failures , but you should never stop trying. Measure your success with how fast you can get up after falling and failing.”

      In addition for teaching at School of Economics and Business at the University of Sarajevo, she teaches at universities in Austria, Slovenia and Norway. Her doctorate in the field of sales and sales management, was honored for excellence in research and applicative sense of the prestigious Institute of market oriented management, the University of Mannheim. She has published numerous papers in international publications (Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business […]

  • Commensurate education programs for the next generations in Serbia – Kliker

      The IT sector is on the rise in Serbia, as the emerging and creative startup scene has generated a lot of interest. However, the classroom is not following this trend. Kids in schools are learning about outdated programing languages and the use of technology in classrooms is minimal. Miomir, the brain behind Kliker – Center for creative thinking has noticed this, and decided to use his knowledge and passion […]

  • “When you fail, fail quickly, understand why you failed, learn, change and move on.”

      In this interview SIA Greece was talking with its this year´s jury member Efthymios Nikolopoulos. He shared his impressions of the Social Impact Award as well as his inspiring ideas on Entrepreneurship and how to effectively learn out of failure.   Efthymios, what is the greatest thing about Social Impact Award -as a competition/institution- in your point of view? The passion of the organizing committee, the international expertise in the area of social entrepreneurship and the focus on […]

  • The incredible life of afterwaste: Upside Down!

    Upside Down is an organization from Iaşi, that aims to help the environment and to determine costumers to take responsible decisions.   Our story and mission began once we won the Social Impact Award competition in 2012. We create eco-friendly accessories such as wallets, bags, book covers, iPad covers, and bumbags, made from banners and tire tubes. In this way, Upside Down uses waste in a creative manner in order to […]

  • A social enterprise changes the consumers’ culture in Russia

    It all started with the Social Impact Award 2014 CharityShop is a new type of social business that becomes more and more popular in Russia. Daria Alekseeva, owner of CharityShop, was a finalist of Social Impact Award in 2014. She was interested in fashion but also wanted to make this world a better place. Daria looked at different kinds of charity shops and developed her own version. CharityShop in Moscow […]

  • „The theme of social business has drawn a bigger attention just in the last few years.”

    She is interested in social business and she believes in a better world. She wants to contribute her share to it. It´s Hana Kavánková, who leads two acceleration programs at Impact Hub Prague and one of these is the Social Impact Award. In the interview we talk about social business and interest of young people in this topic in the Czech Republic. You rate application forms with SIA organisational team […]