Community Voting

Support ideas that could change the world with just one online vote.

Young people around the world have spent two months building ideas that could solve the most pressing issues of our time, as part of the Social Impact Award program. From transforming the healthcare system to revolutionizing the farming industry, their solutions cover all aspects of society.

Each team have made a short video presenting their solution. Now, it’s your turn to watch the videos and vote for your favorite in each country. The ventures with the most votes receive money and support to take their idea to the next level.

Who will take home the Community Award?

Winner Experiences

Past winners share why Community Voting makes a difference.
  • Winning the Community Award in SIA was a pivotal moment for Komunumo as it validated our commitment to creating a positive social impact. It provided the recognition and encouragement needed to further develop Komunumo, making it more effective in its mission to support migrants, refugees, and foreign nationals. Your vote can amplify the impact of initiatives like ours.

    Winner Milica Dedic Co-Founder & CEO Komunumo
  • Participating in SIA helped us in so many ways. Most notably, various SIA experts helped turn our idea into an actual venture. Winning the community award was an extra push for us, as we got first credits in the startup world that we could build on.

    Winner Timo Nothdurft Co-Founder money:care
  • Global Support
    227.736 Community votes for finalist ventures
  • Venture Awareness
    656.000+ Views of finalist pitch videos
  • Finalist Support
    10.100+ Hours spent watching finalist pitches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Not sure how it works? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Can anyone vote?
Anyone can vote, regardless of age, gender, background, etc.

How many times can I vote?
vote once per country. 18 participating countries means 18 votes.

Why do I have to register?
Registering the best way to make sure you’re human. It virtually eliminates fake votes, ensuring a fair process for all participants. But don’t worry, we won’t send you any emails unless you also opt-in to our newsletter Spark.

Why can’t I register with Instagram?
Unfortunately, Meta (Instagram’s parent company) does not allow registrations via Instagram yet.

What is included in the community award?
The community award differs from country to country. It usually includes funding to transform the idea into reality, but can also include other benefits like mentoring hours or access to special opportunities.

When does voting close?
The deadline to vote differs from country to country, so don’t wait and vote now!

How will I know if the venture I voted for won?
We announce all winners on social media and on our newsletter, Spark, which you can sign up for during the voting process.

Should I sign up for your newsletter, Spark?
Of course you should. But don’t worry, we don’t spam. Content comes in once a month, and if you aren’t satisfied, you can unsubscribe at any time.

About Community Voting

Community Voting is part of SIA’s annual incubation program, providing support to thousands of young people building innovative solutions to the most pressing issues of our time. The Voting democratizes social and environmental change across society, giving everyone the chance to vote and shape the future. By participating, you have the chance to bring transformative ideas to life.