Global Impact Report 2024

In uncertain times, community is our most important safety net. The past year marked a turning point for the SIA community as we reached record impact numbers in 18 countries. From successfully running the SIA program in times of war to impacting over 10.000 young social innovators, see how our global community rose to the challenge in our Global Impact Report 2024.

Community Experiences

  • We’re proud of another successful year collaborating with Social Impact Award to give young people across Central and Eastern Europe the tools they need to unleash their potential. Although tumultuous around the world, the success of this year’s program, supported by SAP employees, is a clear sign that youth has what it takes to solve the world’s most pressing issues. We’re looking forward to welcoming this unique community at the SAP campus in Germany for the 2024 edition of the SIA Summit.

    Claire Gillissen-Duval CSR EMEA MEE Senior Director SAP
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    Global Reach
    144 Cities reached by last year’s edition of SIA
  • Artboard 5
    Youth Participation
    9.000+ Global workshop and event attendees in last year’s edition of SIA
  • Venture Preparation
    181 Ventures that went through our incubation in last year’s edition of SIA around the world
  • Community Engagement
    14.900+ Global community votes for last-year’s SIA ventures

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This past year was a memorable one for the global Social Impact Award community. Take a look at our achieved impact.

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