Global Impact Report 2022

2022 was a transformative year. From wars & conflicts to an unfolding climate crisis and rising economic uncertainty, this year felt like a breaking point. From successfully running the SIA program in Ukraine to impacting over 8000 young social innovators, see how our global community rose to the challenge in our Global Impact Report 2022.

Community Experiences

  • Young people in Central and Eastern Europe have both the motivation and ideas to solve the most pressing issues of our time, but they need the know-how and the support to turn their ideas into impactful ventures. Since 2021, SAP has worked with SIA to ensure youth in the region is enabled to fully reach their potential. We work on building a thriving ecosystem for young social entrepreneurs.

    Gabriele Hartmann Head of Corporate Social Responsibility MEE SAP
  • SIA participants have a different vision of the future. In a certain sense, they are outside classical frameworks of thought, offering constructive solutions to familiar issues. As a mentor, I help them go through all the mandatory stages of business planning, expanding the possibilities of their original idea. I sincerely believe in the SIA community – their thoughts are pure and their ideas are bright.

    SIA Mentor Yulia Dmitrieva Manager JD Expert
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    Global Reach
    137 Cities reached by last year’s edition of SIA
  • Artboard 5
    Youth Participation
    8000+ Global workshop and event attendees in last year’s edition of SIA
  • Venture Preparation
    156 Ventures that went through our incubation in last year’s edition of SIA around the world
  • Community Engagement
    15700+ Global community votes for last-year’s SIA ventures

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2022 was a standout year for the global Social Impact Award community. Take a look at our impact from this year.

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Every year, we take a deep look at our impact data and share stories from the Social Impact Award community to understand how young people across Europe, Central Asia, and Africa are shaping the future.