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We at Social Impact Award perceive ourselves as part of a global ecosystem around social entrepreneurship and youth empowerment. Yes, we want to focus on our activities and services, but we also strongly believe that in the end we can only create real impact in collaborating with mission-driven organizations and individuals from various countries and sectors. We are truly thankful for our network partners!

Our Network Partners in alphabetic order:

Euforia is an independent, youth-driven social innovation enterprise. They believe that the world needs more people who come together to imagine, design, and implement bold solutions to today’s most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges. That is why they engage the unengaged, transform our education system and connect people who would usually not meet, across generations, business and civil society. They do so by providing fun events and trainings that inspire and empower people to move from passiveness and good intentions to activeness and change making. Euforia is also the educational partner of Social Impact Award Switzerland.


An innovation lab. A business Incubator. A social enterprise community center. Impact Hub offers you a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact of your work. Joining our diverse community of members and collaborators will inspire, connect, and enable you to develop your best work every step of the way. Impact Hubs are located in over 81+ cities supporting over 15000+ members, with a shared focus on creating positive impact. Members benefit from a diverse and global community that provides guidance, resources, and opportunities shared between all Impact Hubs. Many Impact Hubs are successfully implementing the Social Impact Award in their local realities.


As an initiative, The Association for Education Mladiinfo International promotes and mediates the communication between young people, students, professors, researchers, university officials, youth NGOs and all those involved in the educational process in Europe and worldwide. Dedicated to youth, their problems, and needs from the very beginning, Mladiinfo undertook numerous activities promoting and enhancing free education, communication, media, and journalism etc. These projects involve activities for promoting cooperation between universities on a national and international level as well as providing support for various exchange activities and work experience possibilities for youth.


The ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy aims at strengthening civil society in Central and Eastern Europe by providing further educational opportunities. It offers a range of high-quality capacity building programmes designed specifically for executive managers and staff members of nonprofits and social enterprises. By transferring knowledge, imparting skills and helping participants to build up networks, it supports the organisations themselves and, indirectly, also their beneficiaries.The ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy is a collaboration between ERSTE Foundation and Vienna University of Economics and Business and offers special access to its programmes for SIA alumni.


Social Entrepreneurship Akademie (“SEA”) is a joint cooperation of the entrepreneurship centers of Munich’s four universities. Started in 2010 and guided by its central principle “Education for societal change“, this unique network organization educates social entrepreneurs and social changemakers. It stands as a leading competence center and driver of social innovation through enabling and supporting students and young professionals to start their own projects and social enterprises.


The World Summit Awards were initiated in 2003 in the framework of United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in order to demonstrate how information technologies can tackle the UN Development Goals. WSA is running in 180 UN member states, selecting and promoting best practices of ICTs for sustainable development. With its global contest, international event series and unique workshops WSA provides a global platform and networking opportunity for everyone interested in digital innovation, social entrepreneurship and global partnerships. In 2018, the WSA Global Congress will gather the global WSA network in Vienna, Austria. Social Impact Award alumni will have exclusive access to the event.


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