Join the largest event that Social Impact Award has ever organized!

The SIA Summit 2017 marks the highlight of this year’s Social Impact Award program. It is a gathering of more than 150 young social innovators from 18 countries in Europe and beyond taking place in the vibrant Serbian capital Belgrade from October 31st to November 4th, 2017.

The event is a gathering of all impact ventures that won the Social Impact Award in 2017 as well as a meeting of all organizations that implement the program in all 18 SIA countries. Moreover, the event serves as a great opportunity to engage with national and international stakeholders of the Social Impact Award in an interactive and collaborative manner.

You are interested in becoming a partner of the SIA Summit?
Then feel free to get in touch with us: Mila Blažić, SIA Summit Coordinator 2017:


More information on the Summit 2017 will follow soon. In the meantime, take a look at the SIA Summit 2016 held in Vienna:

“What a great opportunity to receive valuable feedback from experts, meet potential business partners and truly collaborate with great, impact-focused people! This event has been a life-changing experience and will not only bring my impact venture to the next level, but will also empower me to grow personally.”SIA winner on her experience of the SIA Summit 2016

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