• Successful Business creating a Better Life for Others

    Blitab is a tablet-computer specially designed for blind and visually impaired people. Although it is not yet on the market, it has already attracted a lot of attention and won an impressive number of international awards.

    How to make the world a better place for some 285 million people? Take a display of small physical bubbles forming Braille alphabet, add to it a so-called Perkins keyboard, which is a keyboard specially designed for typing Braille. Stir innovative technology and and accessible design into the mix, and voila: You have the invented first tactile tablet-computer for blind and visually impaired people.

    Kristina Tsvetanova, Slavi Slavev and Stanislav Slavev, co-founders of Blitab, have done exactly that and met with huge success. Their idea was born in Bulgaria in 2012, and the founders moved to Austria to turn it into reality. The company was finally established in August 2014. Blitab, with its potential to bring mobile computing  and digital experience to a group of people that was until now excluded from that kind of modern communication, should go on sale in 2016. It is now in the prototyping phase.

    Among the awards and grants the project already won are not only the Social Impact Award, but also many other Austrian, European and even one Mexican Award. Among those who hailed Blitab are also the Austrian Social Ministry and aid foundations for the blind.

    Who is Blitab for?

    According to the World Health Organization, there are 285 million people on the planet who are blind or visually impaired. Blitab says that 150 million people use the Braille alphabet and are potential primary customers for Blitab. “And there are secondary customers as well”, states Tsvetanova. “Think of offices which have blind and visually impaired people coming in as customers. With Blitab, you can hand them sales material to read or contracts to go through. And of course there are companies that employ blind or visually impaired persons.”

    As Tsvetanova and Slavev are well aware, their product can help improve the lives of their customers immensely. But of course they also have business success in mind, or, as Tsvetanova put it: “We think of ourselves as a hybrid social company – we are convinced of the global social impact of Blitab, but we also do it because we see in it the next successful business starting from Austria.”