• They don’t understand, that social business must earn money too

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    Young entrepreneurs, high-school students or NGOs. That all defines Juraj Kováč, the founder of Rozbehni sa!, speaker of Social Impact Slovakia, and expert volunteer for LEAF – we could definitely go on with his other roles. He will tell us, what are the most common mistakes done by the starting businessmen and what NGOs lack.   Dear Juraj, do you focus on startups or rather people who are just about to […]

  • The changing paradigm – the world of the future

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    Why should you take part in SIA workshops? Yet another opportunity for free knowledge, great insights and networking… But why should you do it now – you don’t have an exact business idea, maybe exams are coming up and what about your part-time job? Very simple, because the time is now – our world is CHANGING at an unprecedented pace! Existing order starts to crack under demands of young people […]

  • Social Entrepreneurship in Kosovo – From General to Specifics

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    In 2017 we launched Social Impact Award for the first time in Kosovo. While preparing for the Kick-Off, the national SIA team reflected on the current state of mind and ecosystem for social entrepreneurship. And although a lot can be said on current trends in the field of social entrepreneurship, we start our Kosovo journey by taking a step back and looking at what has been done so far and […]

  • E-bicycles are the future (and the now)

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    Carbon emission is not the next or the new top priority problem in the world – it’s been a constant headache for the past 30 years, and Bosnia and Herzegovina was not left out of this world trend. Sarajevo, country’s capital, has one of the worst air pollution numbers in Europe. Back in 1960s and 1970s Sarajevo was one of the most polluted towns in former Yugoslavia, which led to […]

  • 5 places to connect with changemakers in Budapest and beyond

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    Social entrepreneurship is a cool concept. But, if all you have seen so far are lecture rooms at the Uni and mildly boring corporate offices during your summer internships, how can you get involved and learn more about it? Budapest boasts a number of open community spaces where changemakers hang out, sharing beers, coffee and innovative ideas to make this world work for all.   Here is our list of […]

  • Major reasons why we are bringing the Social Impact Award to Tunisia.

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Tunisia”? Sandy beaches? A hot Sahara with Camels? Welcoming people or maybe spicy food? Well, Tunisia has much more to offer than great touristic facilities as well as warmth and hospitality. This small country has a great potential to turn into a hub for African and MENA entrepreneurs and a regional leader of empowered youth advancing their […]

  • Eliminating barriers for to the development of social entrepreneurship – IZBOR Macedonia

    Stories of the people that move us into action

    During its twenty years of operation, the Association IZBOR through the development strategy of the organization, managed to implement a large number of projects through its programs aimed at target groups: Program to maintain low prevalence of HIV / AIDS, through: Programmes of harm reduction among injecting drug users, Programmes to promote health and social rights of sex workers. Program for free legal aid – Improving and facilitating the exercise […]

  • The packaging that had a past… may also have a future! – Pakomak

    Ideas that have potential to influence a million people or more

    Pakomak is a non-profit company, founded in 2010, whose main activity is management of packaging waste. According to the new Law on management of packaging and packaging waste, since January 10, 2011 Pakomak is the first company in Macedonia, licensed by the Ministry of environment for selection and processing of packaging waste.   The company’s goal is to build a long-lasting and solid cooperation with its customers and the Government. In […]

  • The Growing Trend of Doing Good – Social Entrepreneurship

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    Thanks to the hard work and the growing presence of social entrepreneurship in society, last year was a year of significant achievements. Social Entrepreneurship is shifting economy, while we are shifting our minds. The highlight in our local Social Impact Award community last year was – “Iskra”, a prestige corporate philanthropy award by Erste Bank Montenegro. “By reducing the meaning of the term ‘social responsibility’ and labeling its actions ‘philanthropic’ and ‘volunteer […]

  • 5 reasons why you should always attend events

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    By Hayley Mill, SIA Austria In today’s world we are often so busy that we tend to ignore any event promotions that pop up in our inbox or on Facebook. But should we? Events offer so many benefits – both tangible and intangible – that we really should be making time for them. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should make the time to attend an event. 1. […]

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