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Become a part of our alumni community. We have local and international opportunities to connect with our alumni and get inspired by them.

Our international alumni community is made up of SIA alumni from multiple generations sharing the common goal of solving the world’s most pressing issues with their ventures. The community provides alumni with an open space to support each other’s journey, and exclusive access to opportunities for their personal growth and the development of their venture.


  • Exclusive Opportunities

    Access our international network of accelerators, funders, mentors, and programs to develop yourself and your venture further.

  • Global Connection

    Connect with fellow alumni from over 20 countries to learn from and with them.

  • Role Modeling

    Access our international platform to share your story with youth and support the development of new social entrepreneurs.

  • Community Offerings

    Access our SIA International Alumni Community Facebook Group, monthly community newsletter, and monthly community calls for inspirational stories, resources to push your venture further, and connections with fellow community members and experts.

Alumni Experiences

  • You start as a finalist in the incubation. You then graduate, become a summit participant, become an alumna, participate in one of the community labs, become the facilitator of that same community lab a year later, and come back to the summit as a speaker. SIA gives you the opportunity to grow as a social entrepreneur, help your team grow, and share your experience with other social entrepreneurs. By becoming facilitators, our team has become more confident, we’ve understood how useful our experience is to others, and we’ve made new friends.

    Winner Alisa Sokolova Co-founder Geek Teachers
  • Winning the Community Award in SIA was a pivotal moment for Komunumo as it validated our commitment to creating a positive social impact. It provided the recognition and encouragement needed to further develop Komunumo, making it more effective in its mission to support migrants, refugees, and foreign nationals. Your vote can amplify the impact of initiatives like ours.

    Winner Milica Dedic Co-Founder & CEO Komunumo
  • SIA opened my eyes and directed me to a new stage in my life.

    Finalist Andrea Bohačíková Co-Founder & CEO M.arter

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    If you’re an alumnus/a and haven’t received an invitation to the community, or if you have any questions about the community, reach out to our alumni community weaver.

    Email Stefanie Beßler for details