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Ecosystem Partnerships

Our work requires meaningful partnerships both within and across sectors. Our extensive network of partners helps us build a robust social entrepreneurship ecosystem locally and internationally.

The social challenges we address at Social Impact Award require deep collaboration both within and across sectors. We strive to build a robust network of partnerships that can accelerate the development of national social entrepreneurship ecosystems. We currently work with over 1,000 partners globally from all sectors of society, including universities, public agencies, ministries, corporates, international institutions, and many more.

Partnership Types

SIA is uniquely designed to enable many types of partnerships. As part of our current strategy, we are looking to build partnerships around the following objectives:

  • Awareness Multiplication: we inspire young talent to engage with social entrepreneurship as a practical opportunity to tackle crucial societal challenges. For example, we welcome partners with similar audiences interested in cross-promotion.
  • Online Education: we empower young talent through carefully crafted and accessible education formats to unfold their potential as innovators and entrepreneurs. For example, if you develop interactive and high quality educational content, we offer to integrate this into our learning opportunities.
  • Alternative Career Opportunities: we provide participants that do not feel ready to take on the founder role with other career options in the field of social entrepreneurship. For example, if you run traineeships, we offer to promote these amongst our participants.
  • Alumni Support: we help build supportive ecosystems around SIA’s former finalists and winners to enable their long-term development. For example, if you run support offerings for social entrepreneurs, we offer to integrate them within our community activities.
  • Widespread Reach
    3,6M Organic reach of last year’s inspirational content
  • Artboard 5
    Youth Participation
    9.000+ Global workshop and event attendees in last year’s edition of SIA
  • Venture Preparation
    181 Ventures that went through our incubation in last year’s edition of SIA around the world
  • Global Impact
    1.363 Total ventures that went through SIA incubation programs

Our Partners

Our impact

Since 2009, we’ve impacted thousands of young agents of change in more than 25 countries.

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Partner Experiences

  • SIA brings together an incredible variety of organizations and people involved in creating positive social impact around the world while connecting young people to opportunities. We are looking forward to many more years of network weaving to create synergies and leverage collaborative work across boundaries!

    Geraldine Hepp Global Community Director Amani Institute
  • Over the past 12 years, Social Impact Award has become an essential and critical contributor to Europe’s thriving social entrepreneurship ecosystem. As ChangemakerXchange we feel privileged to partner with SiA and are looking forward to many more years of co-creation and collaboration.

    Advisory Board Member Matthias Scheffelmeier Managing Director ChangemakerXChange

Looking for a partner ?

Every success story starts with a conversation. Get in touch with our Managing Director to learn more about our work and opportunities for collaboration.

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