Based in Vienna, Austria, SIA International serves as a lean, yet strong backbone of the global SIA Community. If you are interested in joining our team, learn more about our current job offers and volunteering opportunities.

Executive Team

Corina Angelescu

Alumni Community Weaver

Corina Angelescu is an expert in community building and community facilitation. She leads SIA’s efforts in building and growing a supportive, interconnected alumni community among the more than 3,000 SIA alumni and its 800+ alumni ventures. For the past 4 years, she has been working with young people in Romania through incubation programs, personalized support, and accelerated learning experiences, in order to encourage them to pursue an impactful entrepreneurial journey. As a Country Coordinator of SIA Romania, she has also built an ecosystem around social entrepreneurship for Romanian youth, by inviting established entrepreneurs and experts from different fields to connect and become mentors for the next generations. Corina is a social entrepreneur herself, having co-led The Alternative University – a learning community that challenges the traditional approach to education and encourages self-directed learning, freedom-centered communities and collaboration.


Stefanie Bessler

SIA Austria Coordinator

Stefanie Beßler is leading Social Impact Award Austria. Before joining Social Impact Award, she has been actively engaged in several student and social organizations around the topic of social innovation and supported social entrepreneurs in Brazil and Colombia. She studied International Business at ESB Business School in Germany and stayed one semester abroad in Argentina. Taking part in a developmental education programme in Bolivia, she developed a strong interest for sustainable development issues. Stefanie obtained two Master’s degrees in Latin American and International Development Studies at the University of Vienna and Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro.


Sara Cortan

International Coordinator

Sara Čortan, as an International Coordinator, provides all the services that hosts and candidates need to create impact locally. She is committed to facilitate the communication and collaboration among hosts, monitor the hosts’ capacity and their program delivery. Also, she coordinates the SAP corporate volunteering processes among all 10 SIA hosts which are involved in the project. Before she joined the Social Impact Award in 2022, Sara was project manager at NGO Razlivaliste where she coordinated Social Impact Award Serbia and youth programs that the organization implemented in partnership with UNICEF (UPSHIFT and Generation Unlimited). Sara has been working with a lot of young social entrepreneurs for 4+ years through different projects, and the mentoring roles provided her an experience of team coordination and Human-Centered Design state of mind. She graduated at the Faculty of Political Science, majoring in social work and social policy. During her studies, she has been proactively involved in several student organizations as a volunteer. Inspired by encouraging vulnerable groups and working with young people who want to make social changes, she found social entrepreneurship as a perfect combination of her interests.  She is currently working toward an Master’s degree in Entrepreneurial Management of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises at Faculty of Organizational Science.


Jonas Dinger

Managing Director

Jonas Dinger leads the international SIA community along with Ana Janosev. Jonas joined Social Impact Award in 2018 and was responsible for SIA’s program in Austria and in Germany, as well as for SIA’s international partnerships and scaling efforts. Before joining Social Impact Award, Jonas worked for two years at the Social Entrepreneurship Center of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. This followed several engagements for different initiatives in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. Jonas has a Master of Art in political science having studied at University of Vienna, LMU Munich, and University of Vilnius.


Florina Gheorghiu

Finance Assistance

Florina is supporting businesses that change the world to stay on track, grow and scale. She uses her financial and project management skills to keep it lean, maneuver through the different weathers a social business has to face, and create systems for growth. She is the finance assistant of Social Impact Award International. Moreover, she manages finances at Impact Hub Vienna and focuses on the growth process of her daughter Franzi. Before joining the social business arena she worked in the construction business.


Ana Janosev

Managing Director

Ana Janosev leads the international SIA community along with Jonas Dinger. Ana joined Social Impact Award in 2018 and oversaw the coordination of implementation partners across more than 25 countries. Moreover, Ana is an experienced workshop and event facilitator, trained in design thinking and organizational development. She is also a frequent speaker and moderator at events and conferences with a focus on social entrepreneurship, social innovation, and youth advocacy. Prior to joining SIA, Ana was a Program and Partnerships Manager at Razlivaliste (Serbia), coordinating Social Impact Award Serbia and other youth programs, with a strong focus on fundraising. Ana holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs. She received two scholarships from the U.S. Department of State for education in the U.S.


Ronja Kötzer

Communications Support

In parallel to pursuing her Master’s degree in International Development at the University of Vienna, Ronja supports the SIA team in public relations and social media to give young innovators a platform to express their ideas and visions. She wants to use the skills she learned during her bachelor’ s degree in media and communication and is looking forward to getting to know projects that are close to her heart and create a positive impact. When not traveling, she can be found exploring Vienna with friends or catching every ray of sunshine she can find.


Marius Marinescu

Systems & Web Designer

Marius has been contributing to the growth of SIA since 2013, starting with the very first Community Voting. He is the person who creates and continuously improves the entire IT infrastructure that supports the implementation of Social Impact Award internationally. Marius has been making responsible and responsive websites since about 2002, both as a freelancer as well as a team member. Apart from Social Impact Award, he is involved in IT-related roles of Impact Hub Vienna, as well as to a variety of other projects such as digital product designer.


Martin Nicolai

Communications Coordinator

Martin oversees the storytelling and communication initiatives of SIA teams internationally. Prior to joining Social Impact Award, Martin led the Desautels Sustainability Network, a student group at McGill University Canada aimed at creating the next generation of sustainable business leaders. He was also the Marketing Director of THEY New York, a boutique sneaker start-up based in New York City. Martin is Marketing Advisor to the Canadian Business Youth Council for Sustainable Development and to research projects centered around Sustainable Consumption. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University in Entrepreneurship & Management for Sustainability.


Lisa Schnägelberger

SIA Germany Coordinator

Lisa Schnägelberger is responsible for the coordination of the Social Impact Award Germany. As the SIA Germany Coordinator she leads and executes the implementation of SIA countrywide and serves as the focal point for our wide range of stakeholders and partners in Germany. Before joining SIA, she worked as a project coordinator and facilitator for a German NGO dealing with establishing good conditions for volunteer work. She studied Business Communication Management (B.A.) at HTW Berlin and Nonprofit-Management and Public Governance (M.A.) at HTW Berlin and HWR Berlin.


Support Team

Toni Chung

Innovation Designer

Toni is an Innovation Facilitator and expert in design thinking, facilitation, and agile collaboration with over ten years of experience in supporting organizational/personal development. He works with clients from different fields (corporate, startups/SME, NGOs, public/academia, etc.) in developing innovative solutions and collaborative cultures. Toni is especially passionate about hosting powerful gatherings and empowering others by teaching methods of ideation and facilitation. He has previously held leading roles at innovation consulting, supporting international clients from various sectors in boosting their businesses through innovation. Toni is working with Social Impact Award for many years, especially as the lead designer and facilitator of our international events. Also, Toni is the mastermind behind many of our curriculum elements such as the “Impact Lab” or specific incubation elements.


Jakob Listabarth

Graphic Designer

Jakob studied Information Design at FH Joanneum in Graz and started working as a freelance graphic designer afterward. As he is interested in understanding relations between society and design better, he is currently enrolled in Spatial Planning and Cartography. What he likes most about his job is to tell stories by visual means. For the Social Impact Award, he is working on the overall visual appearance of SIA and on the designs for SIA Austria.


Melina Matzawrakos

Impact Measurement

Melina has started working as a junior researcher at the Competence Centre of Nonprofit Organizations and Social Entrepreneurship in July 2021, where she is mainly concerned with conducting, reporting and analyzing surveys for SIA participants and members as part of the Impact Assessment. After having finished her Bachelor in Int. Business Administration, she is now enrolled in the Master program Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy at the Vienna University of Business and Economics . She is also the head of the student organization for sustainability oikos Vienna.


Volunteer Team

Anita Neumannova

Anita has just started her doctorate studies at WU Vienna focusing on the interplay of information systems and entrepreneurship. Beforehand she worked as a Product Manager in FinTech scale-up here in Vienna. Through her studies she was always drawn to social entrepreneurship (especially the research part), and the idea of exploring interesting entrepreneurial avenues that have a high societal impact. This brought her to Social Impact Award, where should would like to enhance and apply her knowledge of social entrepreneurship, and be able to increase the chances of bright young individuals to found ventures that better our society.


Ana Currás Fernández

Ana is currently pursuing her bachelor‘s degree in Art History, but she also took publicity subjects in the field of social media. She is very interested in social media and creating content, which is why she is looking forward to joining the SIA team to support and gather more experience in the field. She likes to work with others and has strong communicative skills.


Angela Repole

Angela is an Italian student, who recently moved to Vienna for finishing her Master in Global Studies at the University of Vienna.
She’s very passionate about all what concerns languages, linguistics and multiculturalism but also about global issues. She’s sure that in SIA she will not only be surrounded by multicultural and inspiring people, but she will definitely know more about the field of social entrepreneurship, that it’s still quite new for her.


Ana Čobanković

There are a few things that you need to know about Ana. She is a graphic designer with a background in business. It means that she studied business, but her passion for creating took her on a curious journey of discovering the world of graphic design. Another interesting fact is that she grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs. Because of it, she promised herself that whatever she does, it creates sparks in her heart. Entrepreneurship is one of those topics that creates the wildfire in her heart. There are also some random facts about her. Playing football is one of those facts. Gecko named Ferdinand is her flatmate. She also considers herself an amateur artist. Creativity is free, so why not use it to express yourself.


Eloise von Gienanth

Eloise is currently interning at a social innovation research institute, where she is learning all about social innovation and social entrepreneurship from a scientific perspective. She has joined SIA to transfer her theoretical knowledge into practice, to get to know the social impact sector better and have fun during the process. Prior to moving to Vienna, she finished her master’s in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam and her bachelor’s in International Studies in The Hague. Having worked for both NGOs and research institutes, she is especially interested in finding innovative ways to contribute to sustainable development, such as Design Thinking in the social sector.’


Emilie Vallauri

Emilie Vallauri is volunteering to implement the Social Impact Award in Germany. Aside from her volunteering activity, she works as Innovation and Ecosystem Lead within the innovation lab of a French construction and concessions group, and is tasked with developing the said innovation lab in Germany. She has a double Masters Degree in Business Management and International Relations. Professionally as well as personally, she is very interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, and is very excited to be a part of the SIA’s efforts to bring forward social entrepreneurship ventures of all kinds.


Julianne da Silva Bittencourt Lopes

Julianne Lopes is finishing her Master’s Program in Peace, Development, Security, and International Conflict Transformation at the University of Innsbruck. The world of social entrepreneurship is new for her but she is loving it so far. She is excited to put her facilitation skills into practice, design team-building events, and workshops for the volunteer team.


Kyle Yong

Kyle is a friendly Kiwi with Malaysian heritage who came to Vienna at the end of 2019. His key focuses of late have been leveling up his German skills, bouldering (Boulderbar Hauptbahnhof anyone??), and investigating the ideas of social entrepreneurship which he considers is “what real business looks like”. Currently finishing an MBA specializing in Sustainable Management and Governance, as well as having career experience as an engineer and project manager, he looks forward to joining the SIA team to support and get to know a great community of people who are creating positive impact.


Lana Apple

Lana studied International Education at the University of Oxford and is currently teaching English at a school in Brandenburg, Germany as part of the U.S. Fulbright Commission’s intercultural and transatlantic exchange program. Lana is passionate about all aspects of education: policy, practice, and theory. Through volunteering with SIA, she is excited to work with an organization that teaches important life skills that aren’t usually addressed in schools and supports young people in turning their ideas into a reality.


Lorena Barrera

Lorena is keeping you updated on the latest trends in innovation – she manages and publishes the content on Austria’s SIA website. Lorena is a bachelor in Industrial Engineering and International Business Management with certification in Design Thinking and consulting experience in over five countries. Her first contact with social innovation was through her internship as a consultant in Impact Hub Berlin, and since then, she has strived to achieve the SDGs through her work with private, state, and non-profit organizations. Lorena’s career goal is to leverage innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship to create a positive impact.


Maria Elena Escalona Aponte

Maria studied Liberal Arts at Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela and has been deeply interested in social development since. After gaining professional experience in the corporate ecosystem of Berlin, she is now building a career that will allow her to make an impact in sustainable development issues. With her experience as a facilitator and great faith in the impact of young entrepreneurs she is excited to support SIA in empowering change makers to take action.


Natalie Fink

Natalie has a passion for intercultural dialogues, which drives her curiosity to connect with others in every facet of life. She is currently pursuing a Master‘s Degree in Global Studies at the University of Vienna. With Austria being the fourth country she has called home, she understands the importance of community and is excited to support SIA with alumni outreach and community weaving.


Xiang Cheng

Xiang worked as an operations coordinator for an electronics company for four years and is now pursuing her second master’s degree in marketing analytics with a finance (Msc) background. She hopes that, through her theoretical knowledge, she can assist SIA in the area of marketing and gain practical experience.


Yelvilaa Bodomo

Yelvilaa is a writer and graduate of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna. As a copywriter, she has worked most recently in the fields of Health, Education, and Entertainment. Getting involved with SIA offers her the wonderful opportunity to dive deeper into the world of social entrepreneurship and connect with a community passionate about societal development.

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