Nika Stegovec

I dream big, work hard, and make great ideas happen.


Nika is Partnerships and Events Lead at Social Impact Award, responsible for screening and evaluating the fundraising skills, activities, and needs of SIA Hosts and Candidates, as well as helping them along the journey.

She also pursues financing and forms transnational connections to help the organization’s mission. Aside from that, she is in charge of coordinating community gatherings, such as the Social Impact Award Summit, as well as establishing a plan for their implementation and soliciting potential partners.

Nika has a master’s degree in Linguistic Mediation and Translation, and her extensive experience in leadership positions during her student years, including serving as Secretary of the Department for Extracurricular Activities at the Student Organization of the University of Primorska, President of the Student Council of the UP Faculty of Humanities, and President of the Student Council of the University of Primorska, has honed her organizational, communication, and leadership skills.

Furthermore, her career as a ski instructor has provided her extensive experience in the educational sector and in educating young people aged 2 to 18, providing her with an exceptional capacity to motivate and lead teams toward common goals.

Prior to joining Social Impact Award, Nika held the positions of Acting Director of SLOAM, Youth Agency, Country Coordinator of Social Impact Award Slovenia, President of the Young Makers Society, and Curator of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Koper Hub.


Nika Stegovec Partnerships and Events Lead Social Impact Award gGmbH