• “Eventually in life you will end up regreting more the things you didn’t do than the things you did”

    Stories of the people that move us into action

    Today we were talking with SIA2016 in Macedonia/FYROM Blagoja Grozadnow and assistant for the this years´ community award.- chief lecturer and consultant in Konto Profit as well as SIA Jury Dear Blagoja, what exactly is Konto Profit and how did it all start? Konto Profit is a family owned business. It was started by my father some 20 years ago. At the beginning it was heavily focused on offering classic […]

  • “This amazing social venture ecosystem changed a lot for us!” – Refugees Work

    The stories of some of the best projects from the previous years

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    Refugees Work is one of the new rising impact ventures in Austria. On September 29th they were among the winners of this year’s Social Impact Award Austria. Today, they explain what there venture is about and how the Social Impact Award helped them to accelerate their activities. Refugeeswork.at is an online job platform that connects refugees with employers & streamlines the whole recruiting & onboarding process for both sides by […]

  • It is our vision to build more inclusive communities! – ZIAG

    The stories of some of the best projects from the previous years

    When in January 2015 for the first time 35 refugees came to the small village Berndorf bei Salzburg, hometown of Natalie Haas, initiator and project leader of ZIAG everything started by just doing it. What the community saw after some months was that a new inclusive community, together with the refugees, developed inside their village. “When after a few months other villages contacted us, invited us to share our experiences […]

  • Prevent Group – An example how shared value is created in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The stories of some of the best projects from the previous years

    In times of changing business models, in which social shared value plays a more important role, Prevent Group is a good example how to persist as one of the largest private sector companies in Bosnia and leading automotive suppliers in Europe while supporting social needs. The Prevent Group strives to be a valued corporate citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are highly committed to creating shared value (CSV) and believe […]

  • Social entrepreneurship is also a chance to excite a new generation of talent to engage in activities that are positive for society. – Peter Vandor

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    Peter Vandor is the founder and scientific director of SIA. He is also the initiator of the first university course on social entrepreneurship in Austria, which has won several awards at WU. We asked him a few interesting question: SIA is a program around Social Entrepreneurship. Why do you think that S.E. is a promising approach to tackle the key challenges of our times? One of the main DNA-strands of […]

  • The victory of Social Impact Award gave us everything you need to start a race. – Czechitas

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    Czechitas are specialized in IT and believe that women can be as good as men in such an area. Their team is formed by twelve strong and self-confident girls, who are trying to break stereotypes in IT area and to show the girl’s power. They started to organize workshops based on IT skills and to educate women in it. Czechitas´ workshops became so popular that they decided to open a […]

  • Students are inexhaustible source of inspiration and innovation; they come up with something new every day and have ideas that can change the world – Branka Novcic

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

    Branka Novcic, teaching assistant at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FOS) in Belgrade, is one of the most respected and loved among students. Branka studied at FOS herself, and has won many awards on international competitions for the faculty. She is now devoted to ehancing the experience of her students and helping them learn practical skills for the “real world”.   Branka is also SIA Serbia Jury member, and is actively […]

  • The wandering café – an opportunity for homeless people to get back on track for good

    The stories of some of the best projects from the previous years

    Zsófia Folk (26) is a law student at Charles University in Prague. She worked as a volunteer at the Endre Ady Student Club, at the League of Human Rights, at the organization FairArt and – as a visiting student – at the Budapest law firm Réti, Antall & Partners. She co-operates already with František Kusy in creating a culture portal www.magyarbohemia.cz. This time she talks about her new project.   VeloBloud […]

  • Change cannot happen in isolation and that collaboration is always the way to go – Anastasya Markelova-Gavrish

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

      Anastasya Markelova-Gavrish is one of the co-founders of Impact Hub Moscow that organizes Social Impact Award program in Russia. Anastasya has answered a few questions concerning social entrepreneurship development in Russia. Let’s look!   Ksenia: What do you think about social enterprise in Russia? How do you see the movement of social entrepreneurs in 5 years (in Russia)? Anastasya: I think that entrepreneurship in general and social entrepreneurship in […]

  • Once people start to think about ideas on how to improve their lives in a creative way and also have an impact in the communities, many great initiatives were put in place

    Updates about the Social Impact Award and its impact in society

        In this Interview we are talking with Loredana Urzica, the founder of Youth HUB in Bucharest, Romania. She believes that young people should have a proper environment to achieve their full potential, therefore all her work is concentrated on developing new projects and programs in order to empower the young generation. Dear Loredana, why did Youth HUB join SIA?   Youth HUB is a social enterprise in itself, designed […]

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