A community of young social innovators that transform intention into action.

Social Impact Award, founded in 2009, runs education and incubation programs in more than 15 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia to support early-stage social entrepreneurs in developing and implementing innovative business solutions to tackle the most important societal challenges of our times. We do so by hosting events and organizing workshops to raise awareness for social entrepreneurship, teaching the necessary skills to navigate from vague intentions to promising ventures, providing access to networks and promoting the best teams with the Social Impact Award.


We create awareness around social entrepreneurship as a potential career.

In 2019, we have reached 4,000,000+ people via social media, attracted 8,000+ event participants attracted and received 800+ applications


We provide the youth with the necessary input to found a social enterprise.

In spring 2019, we have conducted 200 workshops & events in 71 cities and 16 countries reaching 3,000+ participants.


We enable the youth to get feedback from experts and peers.

In December 2019, we gathered 150+ entrepreneurs for the SIA Summit. Since our foundation, we have empowered 730+ SIA alumni ventures. Today, we collaborate with 1,000+ partner organizations worldwide.


We support the youth with know-how, incubation, and pre-seed funding.

In 2019, we incubated 220 talented impact ventures, provided them with 2,000+
mentoring hours and awarded the 58 most impactful ventures.

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