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All job opportunities with Social Impact Award.

We believe the work we are doing is important, but we also want to keep it fun. We’ve identified 5 key factors that keep a job meaningful, satisfying, and healthy, that we try to score as high as possible on: 

  • A clear and exciting purpose for our efforts: we all want to wake up in the morning and feel like we are doing the right thing. We strive to make this a reality at SIA by having a clear purpose and mission to guide our efforts. 
  • A vibrant and inspiring work environment: our offices are located at Impact Hub Vienna, one of the largest coworking spaces for social entrepreneurship in Central Europe. The Hub serves as a vibrant ecosystem for meeting hundreds of social entrepreneurs while providing a set of amenities for its members including events, appliances, etc.
  • An agile and collaborative team culture: we use “holacracy” to guide our organizational structure, allowing us to take a human-centered approach to our work while staying dynamic and adaptable to shifting responsibilities.
  • A strong focus on learning and reflection: we make sure to take adequate time for learning and reflecting to achieve personal and professional development. We dedicate an annual budget to individual training, team training, and skill sharing sessions. 
  • Fair and transparent remuneration: we have developed a salary scheme centered around experience, responsibility and leadership to ensure every employee can not only cover necessary living costs but also maintain a sense of well-being and job satisfaction. Salaries are subject to development based on performance, loyalty, and personal situation. 

If you are interested in working with us and there is no job opportunity that fits your qualifications, feel free to reach out to us explaining why you’d like to join us, what you’re good at, and what you’re looking for.

Looking to join our team?

If you have a job related question, or think you would be a good fit to our team, reach out to our HR lead with your question or CV.

Email Ann-Christin Görtz for details

Meet our team

Our team works tirelessly to improve the quality of our program and deepen our impact.

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