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Safeguarding Policy Info

Our commitment to providing safe and supportive environments for all members of our community.

Send the Report

You want to report a safeguarding concern to Social Impact Award’s Safeguarding Team? Please fill out this safeguarding concern form and our Safeguarding Team will come back to you shortly.

Our Responsibility

Social Impact Award (SIA) aims to enable young people to contribute to solving problems and making a social impact. It does so by annually engaging with more than 8,000 young social innovators from 15+ different countries. It can be estimated that approximately 5-10% of these participants are children (i.e. 400 to 800 children annually) and 10-15% have a migrant background (800 to 1,200 people annually).

Violence and abuse against children, for instance, is a societal problem – not just one of an individual person who is “sick”, “criminal” etc. The high number of sexual and other abuse cases prove that hypothesis. Therefore, preventing and responding to violence against children and other vulnerable groups of people has to be part of any attempt and strategy to create positive change in a society and making a social impact.

Our Safeguarding Commitment

We are committed to providing safe and supportive environments for Social Impact Award’s participants, alumni, mentors, facilitators, coaches, coordinators and volunteers. We believe that everyone, and specifically those who are in vulnerable circumstances and less able to protect themselves, has the right to be kept safe from harm, exploitation, radicalization, abuse and neglect. No organization, no community is free of the risk of abuse or violence in any form towards children and/or vulnerable adults.

We will:

  • promote the general health, safety and well-being of all.
  • take steps to minimize the possibility that harm, exploitation, radicalization, abuse and neglect occur.
  • strive for raising awareness on the importance of non-violent conflict resolution and education, especially towards our group members.
  • develop trusting and respectful relationships with our group members, recognizing that they have rights and should be treated with dignity and respect, and in doing so, provide them with a safe and supportive environment.
  • encourage the active participation of our community members in keeping themselves and others safe, encouraging them to voice their concerns and knowing where and how to seek help if needed.
  • always act in the best interests of the community member, respecting and involving them, providing them with safe and appropriate information that meets their needs and supports their rights.
  • act quickly and appropriately where there are safeguarding concerns.

Our full safeguarding policy

Download SIA’s full length safeguarding policy.