• The victory of Social Impact Award gave us everything you need to start a race. – Czechitas

    Czechitas are specialized in IT and believe that women can be as good as men in such an area. Their team is formed by twelve strong and self-confident girls, who are trying to break stereotypes in IT area and to show the girl’s power. They started to organize workshops based on IT skills and to educate women in it. Czechitas´ workshops became so popular that they decided to open a special IT school only for gentle gender.  

    In 2015 you won the Social Impact Award in Czech Republic. What does the victory mean to you after one year? Have you been moved by the experience of winning SIA? 

    I can’t believe it has been already a year! What a fantastic year! What a race! The victory of Social Impact Award in September 2015 gave us everything you need to start a race. A lot of confidence to stand up at starting lane right next to other contestants (entrepreneurs), many fans cheering, established team and also some kind of qualification, meaning that we are social entrepreneurs so we can do good and be independent, sustainable business at the same time. So the others should watch out. (They are smiling.)


    IT area is considered to be a men matter. Do you have succes in breaking stereotypes? Do women tend to continue in IT thanks to you?

    Sure we do! That is the main reason why we get up every Monday morning. We have more than 3800 graduates from our courses and as result, we motivated more than 50 women to change their careers entirely. Because women can do IT.

    Do you remember any serious problem which happened to you during the workshop?

    Yes, I remember that one day the wifi didn’t work at all and we couldn’t use data from Cloud. It was actually pretty fun, you have to see the bright side of the life.


    What do you think is the reason of stereotypes in IT area?

    Well, IT area is very male-dominant so no surprise that people make their stereotypes. So why there are no women in IT? We realized that there are three things behind those stereotypes: (1) the lack of female IT role models at schools and families, among teachers and moms, CEOs and leaders at Czech IT scene make us think of IT specialists as men (2) the lack of confidence and (3) the lack of information about IT education, careers and opportunities. We can change all of them.

    page-14-cz_czechitas-1Where are you heading to at the moment? Don’t you have in mind to open a special IT girl/women school? 

    Exactly. It has actually become short-term goal! We are opening our first pilot Digital Academy for Women in January, offering full-time IT (data based) education for 3 months to 20-30 women. It is going to be very practical, challenging but amazing opportunity to raise new talents in IT.


    What do you like (enjoy) the most about your work?

    I love every single part of it. That feeling you have on Monday morning when you wake up and are very excited about the entire week. When you appreciate every challenge and opportunity you meet and everyone in your team. Surrounded by those and them I am growing. And of course I love the flexibility… time wise but also in visions.


    Good luck girls! We wish you all the best!

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