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    “This amazing social venture ecosystem changed a lot for us!” – Refugees Work

    Refugees Work is one of the new rising impact ventures in Austria. On September 29th they were among the winners of this year’s Social Impact Award Austria. Today, they explain what there venture is about and how the Social Impact Award helped them to accelerate their activities.

    Refugeeswork.at is an online job platform that connects refugees with employers & streamlines the whole recruiting & onboarding process for both sides by providing different online- & offline services. In doing so, we help employers to find hidden talents and increase their corporate diversity, while supporting candidates to access the labor market according to their skills and knowledge.

    “Our mission is to make refugees` potential accessible to the labour market & to break down negative stereotypes towards refugees.”

    The Social Impact Award 2016 helped us to accelerate our activities in a very early stage by offering us coaching support, a great network, workspace & seed funding – exactly what we – a young start up – needed. That’s why we applied for the program in the first place. Apart from making many new friends and meeting inspiring people, entering and being part of this amazing social venture ecosystem changed a lot for us!

    We will invest the three thousand euros in one of our projects that aims at breaking negative stereotypes towards refugees, particularly in companies, in order to improve the image of refugees generally, but also to grow our customer base, increase the number of placements and raise awareness towards the economic benefits of differences in corporate organizations. This will hopefully bring us closer to our ultimate goal, which is to create equal chances of refugees (and/or migrants) on the labor market.


    Contact: office@refugeeswork.at

    Website: refugeeswork.at/

    Facebook: facebook.com/refugeeswork.at

    Twitter: twitter.com/refugeeswork_at

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