Are you interested in implementing Social Impact Award in your country?

If you are interested in bringing SIA to your own country and joining our community, you find the necessary steps for it here. So far, SIA has been successfully implemented across more than 20 different countries, realities, and cultures. For a successful collaboration and implementation, we use a license model allowing for the encessary transnational alignment while retaining a great amount of local flexibility. For more details about the whole process please take a look at the question and answer section below. These give you a short overview of the steps and the advantages of becoming a Social Impact Award Host.

Why hosting SIA in your country?

Social Impact Award is the largest community for early-stage social innovators under 30 years in the world. It impacts, shapes and develops the social entrepreneurship environment you act in, but also brings benefits to your organization. Some of the various advantages of being part of the SIA community as a Host are:

  1. Business Development: SIA is a very versatile tool to broaden and deepen the funding base of your organization
  2. Codified Program Design: With Social Impact Award you access an entire universe of codified interventions – offline and online
  3. Attracting Young Talent: SIA is a low-barrier entry into the field of Social Entrepreneurship for young talents from all over your country
  4. International Community: Become part of a collaborative community of leading social entrepreneurship support organizations
  5. Ideal Tool for Ecosystem Building: Social Impact Award is international recognized to be an ideal tool to build up a community around Social Entrepreneurship
  6. Support for Employees: Every person – not matter if volunteer or employee – working on the implementation of SIA can enjoy our individual one-on-one support on an instant basis

Is your organization suitable to host SIA?

We encourage all interested organizations to contact us and find out if you could become a SIA Host. Due to the fact though that SIA is a fairly complex, full-year program that involves multiple stakeholders and a lot of commitment, we are looking looking especially for organizations that meet the criteria below. We also will evaluate your organization on those criteria during the process of joingin the SIA community:

  1. Mission fit with SIA: impact-driven, believing in the innovative potential of youth, focus on both entrepreneurship and impact
  2. Connectivity in the national ecosystems: strongly embedded in the national ecosystems around social entrepreneurship and/or youth empowerment
  3. Implementation capacity: Experience and human resources to run a relatively complex full-year program with multiple stakeholders
  4. Fundraising capacity: Experience, knowledge and network that is necessary to fund SIA’s national costs (funding partners can be foundations, corporations and/or public institutions)

Interested? Here are your first steps on how to become a SIA Host:

If you’re interested in becoming a full SIA Host, your organization has to apply to become a SIA Candidate first. Find out about that process here:

  1. Contact & First Call: When you are interested in implementing SIA, we will conduct a first call with you. This is a chance to get to know each other, clarify some questions, present your organisation and express your interest in running SIA.
  2. Application to become a SIA Candidate: After the first call you ca request access to our internal knowledge platfrom, where you will be able to apply as a SIA Candidate. There you will also find all necessary information and documents that allow you to make a safe and sound strategic decision if becoming SIA Host makes sense for you.
  3. SIA Candidate: After a positive evaluation of your application, your organization becomes the official SIA Candidate for your country. This give you contractual security to start fundraising and plan for the implementation of SIA. You will enjoy the full support from SIA international and the whole SIA community in order to bring SIA to your country.
  4. SIA Host: As soon as you have security that you will implement SIA in your country, you are ready for fully joining the SIA community and become a SIA Host. You will go through an individualized onboarding process and then: Welcome to our community!

Convinced? Contact us now for a first call to get to know each other!

Jonas Dinger

Managing Director, Social Impact Award International.

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