Corina Angelescu

I love to read, take long walks in the park, cook for my friends and invite them over for a movie or boardgames, travel, go hiking, daydream about revolutionary projects in education and plan my learning journeys around the world. :)


I am a freelance facilitator and community weaver passionate about systems change, participatory leadership and regenerative economic practices.

Over the past 12 years I have been part of a beautiful web of networks, communities and self-organized teams, dedicating myself to impact-driven roles and meaningful spaces for individual and collective transformation. Who I am today is definitely influenced by playgrounds like The Alternative University, ChangemakerXchange, Social Impact Award, Collective Transitions, The Abundance Fellowship, Ecoversities, and many of the NGOs and social enterprises I had the pleasure of collaborating with.

At the core of my work as a facilitator and community weaver there is a willingness to create spaces for deep connection and foster a sense of belonging, trust and reciprocity. I am learning from and with nature, exploring regenerative leadership practices and trying to make sense of the world through a systemic lens.

I am an “in between”, finding my roots and (chosen) family between Romania and India. I live in Udaipur, India, and I love spending time with my partner and our three wonderful daughters, home-making, traveling, bird-watching, (un)learning and goofing around.


Corina Angelescu Facilitation & Community Weaver Consultant Social Impact Award gGmbH