Corina Angelescu

Alumni Community Weaver, Social Impact Award gGmbH

I love to read, take long walks in the park, cook for my friends and invite them over for a movie or boardgames, travel, go hiking, daydream about revolutionary projects in education and plan my learning journeys around the world. :)


Corina is a young social entrepreneur, passionate about (un)learning, facilitation and self-organised communities. Over the past 8 years, she has been actively involved in the field of alternative education, working to create communities of practice for students and to encourage young people to take responsibility for their own growth, through self-determined learning. 

As a student, Corina has been the President of Volunteers for Ideas and Projects, a community which empowers students to be proactive, gain hands-on experience and develop personal leadership skills. In this organisation she has found her passion for meaningful, impact-driven work, which has motivated her to become a social entrepreneur. For the last 4 years, Corina has been a Learning Architect and Community Builder, leading The Alternative University – a university entirely run by its students, where standardisation, control and competition are replaced with self determined learning, collaboration and freedom.

Having run SIA Romania successfully for the past 3+ years, Corina has a deep understanding of and a strong connection with the SIA community. Moreover, for the past year, she represented the SIA coordinators in SIA’s Global Advisory Board and contributed with highly valuable input to the creation of our new

Through travelling, learning exchanges and collaborative projects, Corina’s work is now focusing on building the (Romanian) ecosystem around alternative education, systems practice and social entrepreneurship. She is an active member of Changemakerxchange & Ecoversities Alliance and a Fellow of Yunus & Youth.