• Be unique, be modern, be social!

    Why does entrepreneurship have a potential to improve the economic development in Albania? Why is SIA a good opportunity for the young generation? All the answers in the following lines.

    Despite economic improvements in recent years,  Albania is faced with many social challenges and large disparities. Poverty and unemployment remain very high leaving marginalized groups, especially youth people and women severely disadvantaged. In Albania, where more 1/3 of population are younger than 30 years old, youth unemployment remains a significant challenge. Private sector remains still fragile in Albania, while public reforms have not yet been able to cope with the increasing unemployment situation. As a result, especially the young generation continues to seek opportunities abroad, mostly through illegal emigration, instead of aspiring towards entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has a potential to drive employment and economic development in Albania.

    What keeps social entrepreneurs in developing countries from growing their ventures? Around the world social entrepreneurs are creating innovative businesses that reduce poverty and improve the lives of their customers. These pioneers often encounter many hurdles along the way that make growing a social business a significant challenge.

    In the last decade the world has made great progress in helping people move out of poverty. However, the current economic system has also created inequality and caused tremendous harm to our planet. It is time to re-think the status quo and our economic model. We need to redefine the system so it works the other way around — solving social problems and creating a more fair society for all humans. Whenever we want to solve the problem of poverty, we have to address the root cause. 

    That is where the concept of social business comes in. A social business is a problem solving business. Social business allows people to focus their creativity on solving human problems with business means rather than maximizing profits. In charity, money goes out and never comes back. In social business, the money goes out, does its good work and comes back. One time use versus unlimited use of money; that’s the whole idea of social business. That way social business is a powerful tool to get people out of poverty and close the wealth-gap.  

    Albania is a small country in Balkan area, post-communist, with major economic and social changes. In the communist system the creation of a private business was not conceived  and even the  property was public. All administered by the public administration. After the 90s, the whole situation changed and the free trade created an experiment for the private business. Every year has brought changes by creating stable businesses as a developing country with positive opportunities to move forward.

    Why is SIA a good opportunity for the young generation?

    • Business ideas coming from the passions of young people.

    • Business ideas supported by SIA solve problems in society. It is about identifying needs in society, and not just to sell products and generate revenues.

    • Access to a social impact differentiates businesses from others by bringing a European example with the highest standards.

    • Advanced business models intertwined with innovative social ideas make you competitive in the market.

    So, what are you waiting for? Join SIA! Be unique, be modern, be social!

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