• The Possibilists – the largest study on the work and lives of 800 young social innovators

    The Possibilists are young people creating change everywhere we look. Some of them dedicate everything they have to tackle the most pressing issues of our time; it is their work and way of life. They are changemakers, activists, social innovators, disruptors, dreamers, doers, people who believe social and environmental change is possible.

    The Possibilists – Study

    Along with 15 of the world’s leading youth social innovation networks, we conducted The Possibilists study to better understand the lives and realities of these young agents of change. The study was truly unique in that it looked at both the agent of change and their venture, not just one of the two. 800 changemakers responded to the study, coming from 137 countries across the globe. The results were pretty striking. Some of the major findings include:

    • 66% cannot adequately compensate themselves through their venture.
    • 79% are juggling multiple responsibilities along with a full-time dedication to their social ventures.
    • 59% have experienced a burnout since starting their initiatives.
    • However, COVID-19 didn’t knock them out, with 80% continuing activities and 69% pivoting their work creatively to tackle the crisis.

    We recommend taking a look at the in-depth results.

    The Possibilists – Recommendations

    The study made clear that respondents and their ventures needed to be connected to more people and more  organizations in their field, as well as get access to mentorship, development opportunities, and of course, access to financial resources.

    As a result of the findings, all 16 organizations running the study outlined 8 key recommendations for all stakeholders working with these young agents of change. The recommendations cover all angles, from “focus on the person, not just the initiative” to “build upon the strong local-international connection of young social innovators” and many in between. We recommend taking a look at the rest of the recommendations! 

    The Possibilists

    The Possibilists – Solutions

    Overall, The Possibilists made it clear that we, as an ecosystem, are needed to maintain the support of these entrepreneurs, and play a crucial role in creating a future generation of entrepreneurs that are not faced with the same issues.

    To help achieve this, we are launching the Ecosystem Solutions Initiative, which sources, documents, presents and connects the world’s best ecosystemic solutions which address the challenges of young agents of change. Anyone operating a grant-giving program, or giving youth access to policy makers, or generally working to help young social innovators succeed: we are looking for your solutions.

    You can learn more or directly submit your solution. Successful submissions will be added to a repository reaching thousands of young social innovators around the world, also giving you the chance to join our effort to improve the ecosystem for young changemakers everywhere.

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