• Exploring the Field of Social Entrepreneurship

    As the climate gets hotter, wars get closer, and disasters grow bigger. many people, especially young, are turning their heads towards the field of social entrepreneurship. Opportunities are increasing and connecting one’s purpose with their work is an attractive selling point. Unfortunately, many still don’t know where to start. Our field is not well advertised across Central and Eastern Europe, or in Africa and Central Asia. Becoming aware of existing […]

  • SIA x Miro – Unleashing our global community

    SIA x Miro final

    We’ve partnered up with Miro, the leading online collaboration company, on their start-up program to provide SIA alumni with access to their digital tools. We’re big fans of Miro and regularly use their tools for our work at Social Impact Award. In a previous article, we showed how we use Miro in our operational and strategic processes. This time around, we’ll share a little bit about how we use their […]

  • Making SIA accessible to rural areas: In conversation with Aleš Bržan

    Aleš-Bržan, mayor of Koper, sitting on a chair with legs crossed in a suit. SIA is working with municipalities like Koper to ensure our program is accessible to all young people.

    Our work at Social Impact Award (SIA) is deeply rooted in local realities. We strive to make our offerings accessible to all, by working with partners embedded in local communities. Whether living in rural areas or larger cities, this approach allows us to appropriately meet the needs of young people across all our regions of activity.  Our work with municipalities has played a crucial role in making this approach successful. […]

  • Meet Ronja Kötzer, our new Communications Support

    Ronja Kötzer, our new communications support, sitting on a sofa smiling,

    Ronja Kötzer is a fresh face at Social Impact Award (SIA) International. She recently joined our team as Communications Support to take communications for SIA Austria and SIA Germany to the next level. We sat down with her and spoke about her journey before SIA, what motivated her to apply, and what she’s most excited about in her new role. She was kind enough to also share her most embarrassing […]

  • Meet Jonas Dinger and Ana Janošev, SIA’s new Managing Directors

    Ana Janosev and Jonas Dinger sitting next to each other

    In December, we announced that the long-time Managing Director of Social Impact Award (SIA) Jakob Detering would step down to make space for Ana Janošev and Jonas Dinger, who will lead SIA into the future.  The pair has been with SIA for years, and is already working hard to take SIA to the next level. We sat down with them to discuss the experiences that shaped their journey with SIA […]

  • Meet Sara Čortan, our new international coordinator

    Sara Çortan - international coordinator standing in front of a table with arms crossed

    We’re proud to introduce our new international coordinator, Sara Čortan. She’s hardly new to Social Impact Award (SIA): she coordinated SIA in Serbia for years. She’s now moved on to our international team and is ready to build a strong community of SIA hosts around the world. We sat down with her to discuss how she first got in touch with the social entrepreneurship sector in Serbia, and what she […]

  • Leadership change at Social Impact Award sparks new era for Europe’s largest community of young social entrepreneurs

    Social Impact Award old and new managing directors next to each other smiling

    Jakob Detering passes on the torch as Managing Director of Social Impact Award to Ana Janošev and Jonas Dinger. After 6 years at the helm of Social Impact Award, Jakob Detering is handing over the leadership to Ana Janošev and Jonas Dinger while continuing to serve as Social Impact Award’s chairman of the board. Under Jakob’s leadership, SIA grew into one of the world’s largest communities of young social entrepreneurs […]

  • Jakob Detering’s 6 learnings from 6 years of leading Social Impact Award

    The SIA community at the SIA summit with Jakob Detering in the front.

    Eleven years after having won SIA himself and six years after taking over the leadership of SIA, Jakob Detering will step down as Managing Director at the end of 2021 and make space for his long-term colleagues Ana Janošev and Jonas Dinger to lead SIA’s fast-growing community into the future. Jakob will continue to support SIA as chairman of the board. Under Jakob’s leadership, SIA became one of the world’s […]

  • Miro x Social Impact Award – Enabling global impact, digitally

    SIA x Miro final

    We’ve recently partnered up with Miro, the leaders in digital whiteboards and visual collaboration, to offer their tools to SIA alumni as part of their Miro Startup Program. In a series of 2 blogposts, we’ll explore how we used Miro’s tools to support our global Social Impact Award offerings and how we used them to foster our sense of community.  In April 2021, we ran a completely new kind of […]

  • How the Role Models of Social Entrepreneurs are a Hidden Force Behind Positive Impact in 2021

    An interview with Kyle Yong from Modul University Vienna about the power of role models as a force for positive impact. Impact is not something we can achieve in isolation. As the social and ecological crisis we are experiencing globally grows deeper, we think it’s time to understand who can inspire the younger generation to bring about positive change in their communities.  At SIA, we have found that more often […]