• Transforming the discourse around well-being — Being well for doing good

    In conversation with Daniel Barbu, founder of I’m Fine. Welcome to the first episode of the Being Well for Doing Good series! Created in partnership with the non-profit Hil-Foundation, this series will tell the stories of alumni from Social Impact Award around the world, and their journeys with well-being. Unfortunately, social entrepreneurs are often faced with intense stress and high risk of burnout. With this in mind, we at SIA […]

  • Is Social Entrepreneurship About to Change Forever?

    With in-person gatherings kicking off once again, European heads of state and government officials met in Portugal for the Porto Social Summit. The Summit aims at setting the European agenda for the next decade to ensure Europe faces the challenges of the present and of the future without leaving anyone behind. For the first time ever, members of the European social entrepreneurship ecosystem were invited to attend. One of these […]

  • What Does It Take To Internationalise A Social Venture?

    This article comes from the Enabling Social Entrepreneurs Scale Their Impact Internationally (ESESII) project, which includes a number of different actors from the global social impact ecosystem. More details can be found here. This article was written by Peter Vandor, Magdalena Winkler, and Martin Mehrwald. Recent years have seen a rapid increase in the number of social enterprises across the world, introducing a broad range of innovations to different industries. Recent estimates suggest that already […]

  • Global Impact Report 2020 is out now!

    A year of crisis filled with uncertainty and hardship, 2020 saw the loss of many lives and livelihoods. The international Social Impact Award community faced an unprecedented threat – the business and impact models of our alumni, the access to our offerings for participants and more were in danger. However, by coming together as a community, we were able to not only adapt to the challenges but also improve our […]

  • An honest and intense look inwards and outwards

    Strategic planning is a fascinating process. It forces you to zoom out of your day-to-day operations and to take an honest and intense look both inwards and outwards. When developing SIA’s strategy for the upcoming four years (2020 to 2023) we did both. We directed our attention inwards by reminding ourselves of SIA’s core principles and by reflecting on the path we have taken over the last ten years. What […]

  • Growing in an ambitious, yet healthy way

    Rebooting the social innovation sector will be a tremendous challenge that needs young talent and effective capacity-building programs such as SIA more than ever. This is why it is our strategic objective to grow and scale our activities and our impact in the years to come. We aim to have a strong SIA presence in minimum 20 countries by 2023. This ambitious scaling goal is based on intense preparation work […]

  • Stronger collaboration to achieve a common mission

    It is an integrative part of SIA’s strategy to deepen our impact inter- and transnationally. Deepening refers to strengthening the network of licensees among themselves and with SIA International through community practices and effective governance structures. Nothing has been more relevant for SIA’s success in the past than its strong community spirit and its collaborative attitude towards driving change. SIA – that is not an organization or a loose network. […]

  • Building a peer-community of young leaders

    The community aspect plays a vital role throughout the entire SIA program. In our educational work, we create a sense of community during our workshops and events, which provides the young participants with a trustful and safe space, spirit of sharing, and co-creation. During our support, we help build supportive micro-ecosystems around each venture idea by surrounding the nascent entrepreneurs with a pool of mentors, experts, and coaches as well […]

  • Preparing the best ventures for flying high, not burning out

    Within the impact field “Support” SIA helps the most promising young social entrepreneurs with know-how, mentoring, access to networks, and pre-seed funding. Besides our award scheme, we do so primarily through our annual incubation program for the most promising ideas and social enterprises, which has become an established part of SIA’s core activities since 2016. Both our ongoing impact measurement as well as our long-term studies with SIA alumni strongly […]

  • Local roots for global content

    While the strategic objectives around the impact field “awareness” are explorative in nature (see the previous blogpost), SIA’s educational strategy is based on ten years of successful activities in this domain. Since 2009, we have been active in 25 countries, offering over 1,000 educational workshops and events for 31,000+ young people. Through these educational offers, SIA provides its participants with the necessary tools, skills, and mindset to unfold their potential […]